We build agency brands

If you're an agency owner, we have created 3 simple packages to provide you with a more flexible and affordable solution to your new business requirements*:

Tell your story

No one got a clue who you are? Do you even know who you are?

Are you saying the same old thing as everyone else?

Have you struggled to articulate your story?

Are you being pigeonholed?

Build your pipeline

Is your pipeline patchy at best?

Are you lacking a cohesive new business and marketing strategy that work together?

Do you know which brands you should have in your sights?

Has your brand story managed to positively transform your culture?

Improve conversion

Are you losing pitch after pitch and don’t know what to do?

Are you trying to pitch for higher value opportunities with longer sales cycles?

Do you require guidance and help with the execution of your strategy?

Have you got the right resources, tools and processes in place to win new business?

*Please note, we do not provide lead generation or meeting booking services.   Should this be a requirement, we have several specialists that we partner with in this area so can make recommendations and help you appoint the right people. Please see here.

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I definitely recommend working with Kiwi Gray. We’ve been working with them on our new business strategy and they’re full of useful, practical advice. Very down-to-earth and with a lot of big agency sales experience that’s really useful for us. The value we get from both the general branding and messaging work, plus specific help on individual pitches and lead gen is well worth the money. I highly recommend them!
— Andrew Brittain, Managing Director, Advantec