What does success look like?

“It's about helping agencies look introspectively and realise that they are brands too. Be brave, step up and starting behaving like the brands you represent.”


In the third episode of their “What Does Success Look Like?” series, Matt from Agency Core chats to Lena Robinson and Adam Graham from Kiwi Gray about what they believe makes a successful agency from a sales and new business perspective.

Lena and Adam founded Kiwi Gray because of one shared vision, to put the bravery back into the industry. 

Proudly confident about raising potentially controversial view points, Robinson believes that over the last few years many agencies have let a little bit of fear creep in, influencing the decisions they make and effecting their growth and brand awareness.  Over time they have seen this lead to the adoption of what they call a ‘yes men’ attitude, which makes it very difficult to maintain the unique personality and ambition that inspired the founders to start their agencies in the first place. 

Kiwi Gray’s mission is to help agencies look introspectively, gain confidence by rediscovering their why, the purpose behind their core founding story and use this to attract more of the right type of client; ultimately bringing more integrity and pride to our industry.

As well as this, the pair draw on their experience of holding senior new business roles at multiple agency networks ensuring that agency new business is respected as a discipline in it's own right so that more new business specialists are created and supported within the industry.

In this interview, Davies, Robinson and Graham explore some of the mindset shifts agencies must implement in order to be successful when they reach the end of their little black book. They live and breathe the ideology of bravery, encouraging agencies to step up and start behaving like the brands they represent and adopting a true B2B ecosystem approach to new business - #bringonthebrave.

Through their simple agency management software, Agency Core’s mission is to make agencies more profitable and help agency owners get back to enjoying the adventure of growing their business.  

Supporting agencies sits at the heart of every decision the team make, both inside the application as well as through the marketing activity that they get involved with and their  “What Does Success Look Like?” series is a great example of this.

Each episode features a specific topic focusing on a different area of agency growth; providing insights and opinions from key people working within the industry.

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