Shitty Showreels

It’s Monday and it's time for me to go on another rant!  Time and time again I watch agency showreels that are pointless and uninteresting to Marketing Directors - the very people you are trying to attract. They might well be collections of great work and they might even be beautifully shot, but unless you’re a video production company, I have no idea why you’re showing me an amalgamation of well-shot video and animation. I can’t tell where one piece of work starts and the other stops, I have no idea what the agencies involvement was, what challenge it solved or the results.

Let’s go back to the beginning, to who you are trying to attract. We have a Marketing Director with a challenge who has just landed on your website… let’s say that challenge is to develop more personalised and tailored communications to their customers. You may well have solved this challenge for another one of your clients, but all you’ve done is stick this pretty video in my face, with some irritating background music and told me diddlysquat about your agency and how it can help me solve my challenge.

Listen to your audience and think about them first. What are their needs? What do they want to hear? But, most importantly, tell stories; tell stories about the challenges you have conquered and results you have created. How have you made a difference to your clients’ lives and their businesses? Where are the testimonials? 

What is also often lacking is any sort of emotion or transparency to the agency. Where are the people? Where is that ‘feeling’ of what it might be like to work with you?  And I’m not talking about a panoramic shot of the agency or hiring a dog for the day so you look like some kind of cool Silicon Valley startup.  Just be natural, authentic and yourselves!

The way most agencies approach their showreels (and for that matter their websites and most of their marketing collateral) is, it’s all about them. Showreels often just say “look at us, we’re amazing, aren’t we fancy and fantastic”.  Reality-check…no one gives a shit, least of all the Marketing Director’s you’re trying to attract.

When you put together your marketing and new business strategy, the first thing you need to think about is your audience and what problems they’re trying to solve.  When you do that, you might give yourselves half a chance of attracting the right sort of brands for your agency.

And remember, you have four core audiences to engage with, not one. If you’re not sure who they are, give us a call.