Why aren't you finding new opportunities?

You’re just not seeing the angles. Like a boxer, you need to find your opening, wait for the right time, see the gap and strike.

Think of it like a game of chess. You are just waiting to find the opening and then take a little swipe. You might take an edge, chip away and then retreat and get ready to move again.

The more knowledge you have on your target, the more powerful and accurate you can be. Research, listen, watch. Be patient. And then when your moment comes, be relevant, be valuable, use some personality and be short and succinct.

Keep it casual. Be confident in yourself. Know that you can genuinely help this person, brand or company. If you can’t, don’t bother. Go home.

And then we go again. We move on. Who’s next? 

For those of you who can’t be arsed with the metaphors…

  1. Find your target 
  2. Research the brand and the sector they’re in - what’s new, what’s relevant, what are the challenges they are trying to overcome? Use Google News if you’re short on tools.
  3. Who’s the person you need to speak to? Go on LinkedIn. 
  4. Google the person - find interviews they’ve done recently 
  5. Now sit down and think about why does this brand need us? 
  6. Put your thoughts into words.
  7. Then think about the person and what they have spoken about recently and their tone of voice.
  8. Tailor the email accordingly.
  9. Now cut it down to 50 words.
  10. Add your brand essence into it (your tone of voice and point of view), check for typos and hit send.
  11. Make sure it’s tracked in your CRM system.
  12. Set a reminder for when to get back in touch.

Next time you target them, you might lead with a content approach or invite them to an event. Maybe try a message through LinkedIn. Should you be more direct? Or Cheeky? Who knows. It’s trial and error. Test and refine. It’s a game with multiple moves. Enjoy it.

Make sure all your marketing activity is aligned and it will start to pay dividends with this approach to outbound prospecting. Do this intensively for 6 months and the results will start to show. Then you can start to ease up as the pitches and work start to flow in.

Got to go... a reminder just came in to get back in touch with someone. Don’t you just love Pipedrive? The sales pipeline is filling up, who’s next?