What's this Kiwi Black I keep hearing about?

If you haven't heard already, it's all about Kiwi Black for us this week. It's been many months in the making now it's finally here. Adam and I thought we'd write a quick explanation for you all, so you understand this new style of support we are offering, over and above our usual consultancy.

As the co-founders of Kiwi Gray, we get to meet and talk to a lot of agency owners about what they need to grow their agency and during those many conversations we began to notice that there was an opportunity for us expand the way we helped agencies grow, in particular we noticed two things.

  1.  Some agencies wanted a lighter touch approach to supporting their new business activity based on their existing capabilities, resources and requirements
  2. There were existing membership offerings available to agencies, but the feedback we were getting was that they were great for events and top-level training, but the practical, immediate application side to what they'd learned was sadly lacking

That got us thinking. How could we still help if we came across an agency that wasn't looking for the deeper level consultancy we currently offered? How could we take our existing methodology, knowledge and tools and create a highly practical membership offering that agencies of all sizes could benefit from?

Kiwi Black at it's core is the answer to that very question. The first 12 months’ membership ensures you are provided with everything you need to lay the foundations of a solid new business programme. A programme that will take you on a journey from brand positioning to strategy and on into execution.

We want to help as many agencies as we can with our practical advice. This will take the form of intimate workshops, masterclasses and give members access to a large suite of practical tools they can use the moment they walk out of their first workshop. Our entire focus is getting you going, tomorrow, rather than giving you a whole lot of theoretical ideas that never really eventuate into anything practical or helpful.

There’s a lot of bullshit in our industry and we hate that.  We want to offer something useful and practical for our members. Our goal is to build a community of agency owners that ‘get it’, in an environment where they can learn from us and each other. That is why, in addition to the workshops, masterclasses and tools, we’ll also be hosting small, intimate get-togethers throughout the year, where you can all get to know us and each other better throughout the year.

So that, in a nutshell, is what this new Kiwi Black membership offering is all about. If you, or someone you know is interested in finding out more we've created a whole new Kiwi Black Website. CHECK IT OUT if you fancy it.