Breaking the habit: No more quick fixes

My new year’s resolution was to stop biting my nails.  I’ve bitten my nails for nearly all of my 34 years on the earth, and after several attempts to stop, including foul tasting nail solution, snapping an elastic band on my wrist and having a swear box style 'nail bite box', nothing has worked, my habit continues and I can’t show people my hands without wincing.

What I’ve noticed when reading about consistent long-term (nail) growth is that there are no quick fixes and that to break any bad habit you need a purpose, a plan and the resilience of a very small, very stubborn kitten.

Much like the agencies we work with at Kiwi Gray.

New year’s resolutions for many agency owners include the “must be better at new business” and by February they’ll all be feeling what I’m feeling about my nail-biting habit, giving up the ghost for the quick-fix options that won’t address the real problem of lack of purpose, plan and stubborn kitten (or other animal, whichever you like).

I hear:

“But it’s really just a numbers game”

No it’s not just a numbers game.  It’s anything but, and anyone that tells you otherwise is pulling your leg and taking your money.  It’s about having something to say and saying it to the right person, at the right time.

“I need a quick fix”

No you don’t, you need rehab!

“I need results now”…

…is like chucking cake batter in a cold oven for a minute and then eating it raw.   And doing that every six months. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And breathe….

Many new business people have been in the 'quick fix' category and there is a place for this kind of approach. The quick fix can deliver some business, small though not inconsequential, but it doesn’t deliver real growth and who doesn’t want REAL growth? Isn’t that the main objective of any business? 

When meeting agency leaders, I hear a lot of the phrases above, and many, many more.  Focussed on the short term, treading water, struggling to be brave enough to be bold and different.   The reason why many agency owners battle with which new business solution to use, after the last attempt, is because they haven’t set the foundation from which to build their growth and future-proof the business.  It’s not their fault, it’s what they’ve been told for years by new business bod's dealing in 'plaster over the cracks' solutions: “You need a quick fix”.

But, there is another way, and it’s the only way that will stop you eating that cake batter every six months and then promising you’ll never do it again.

Sort it out, find your purpose and make a plan.

New business is a process, a series of markers you hit, both strategic and tactical, which will deliver short, medium and long-term growth for a business.  It’s planned and executed by people who care, and who are willing to put the work in.  No short-cuts, no flakers and NO QUICK FIXES!

To create a plan, and stick to it, is the habit of a lifetime, and one that you will never regret forming.  And with that you need purpose, bravery and the resilience of a stubborn (insert animal here).

Making 2018 the year you break the bad new business habit:

  • Align the founders behind one key vision
  • Determine a brand positioning, personality and point of view you can all agree on
  • Ensure this positioning lives and breathes through everything you do internally and externally
  • Set yourself contact targets daily, weekly, monthly
  • Use a CRM to track every conversation
  • Build yourself a content and marketing calendar
  • Utilise a full B2B ecosystem available to you to maximise exposure
  • Be targeted, be insightful, be valuable
  • Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

Want to kick the habit?  Get in touch.