Be Brave

So many agencies all seem to be saying the same thing, communicating in the same way. They mainly focus on what they do…they’re integrated, they’re social, they’re mobile etc.  It’s meaningless and uninspiring.

Do this for me…go to your website, cover up your logo and forget who you are just for a second. Now read the bit about what you do (this’ll probably be on your 'about' page).  If you could replace that logo with any agency brand then you’re no different to anyone else. You’ve just put yourself in the shoes of the very people you are trying to attract and left them utterly confused.

We believe that the only real way to differentiate yourself is by telling the story of why you exist and what you believe in.

But, and here’s the clincher, in order for agencies to communicate differently, they have to be brave. To be truly different, those responsible for the agency vision should take a deep, honest look at themselves and ask themselves why they started in the first place.  It’s these values and beliefs that will resonate with clients and allows them to make the gut decision that ultimately leads them to appointing the agencies they want to work with. After all, in our industry, these decisions are always going to come down to the relationships we have and the people we prefer to work with.

We want to help agencies take this brave step away from the herd mentality, supporting them while they spend some time looking introspectively. We are not saying that all agencies have to be disruptive for the sake of it or brazenly bold, what we’re saying is that agencies need to find their own level of brave and we want to help them do it. As John Hegarty (BBH) said “I took a step back and thought about what I’ve done and what I admire most about what other people have done, and I realised that there is one thing I value above all else.  Fearlessness.” We want to support agencies in being fearless.

Every agency will take their own journey, at the speed that is right for them; to arrive at the story they feel proud to communicate. This story may even end up polarising clients to a certain extent, but that can be a positive thing. That way you’ll know who you are and what you stand for and in doing so you’re more likely to find like-minded people who believe what you believe and have similar values to yourself. These will be the long-term prosperous relationships that will make your business successful.

So, are you going to carry on doing things the same way you’ve always done them and continue to sound just like everyone else or are you willing to take the brave step with us to be better than the competition and stand out as different?