New business and marketing support

If you're looking for new business and marketing support on a retainer or project basis then we can help you in a multitude of ways. It may be that you're happy with your proposition and strategy, but require guidance and help with the execution. We've created a flexible, pick 'n' mix approach that can be used for any of the following options, depending on your business needs:

  • Resource and budget planning
  • Website consultancy
  • PR
  • Content development
  • Intermediaries
  • Social media
  • Awards
  • Events
  • Pitching best practice
  • Pitch doctoring
  • Lead generation
  • Training
  • Internal comms

Pick 'n' Mix options

Resource and budget planning - All agencies have different levels of resources and budgets they can dedicate to new business. We'll work with you to allocate the in-house and external resources against your marketing/new business strategy and advise on where your budget is best invested to achieve the best ROI while delivering on the your objectives.

Website consultancy - Whether you are launching a new site, or reviewing your existing site, we can advise on architecture, wireframes, look and feel, content and language from a new business perspective.

PR – If you've got a point of view, have a great story to tell, are winning new clients, have important news or have a new team member you need to shout about it! We'll help you develop a PR strategy that aligns with your new business/marketing strategy and then provide reporting tools and journalist introductions. If you require more in-depth ongoing support, we also work with a number of specialist PR agencies.

Content development - We specialise in sales and marketing collateral, which may include case studies, credentials, award entries, RFI/Ps, presentations, prospecting, emails, newsletters, thought leadership, blogs, web pages etc. This covers developing copy from scratch or simply refreshing collateral that already exists.

To support thought leadership, we will facilitate content calendar development meetings.  

Intermediaries – Having worked with and developed close relationships with most of the intermediaries over the years, we can advise on who to sign up with, make introductions, attend first introduction meetings and give guidance on how to build your online profiles with each of the intermediary sites.  

For specific events like brand speed dating, we will provide support with preparation, advice on approach/ content/ research etc. or possibly attend as a declared consultant, should you require it.

Social media – We'll look at which channels you are using and how you are using them to support your B2B ecosystem. We can advise on the execution of your social strategy, if you require it, as well as running the social media on your behalf.

Awards – We will advise on the most appropriate for you to enter, break down processes, demonstrate best practice and help develop content for the entries.

Events – Whether you are looking to attend events to increase your business network or you are looking to host your own event, we can guide you on what you should and shouldn't be doing, what events are worthwhile and which are a waste of time, what works and what doesn't.

Pitching best practice – We will review your existing processes and make recommendations on how to improve.  We can also provide you with a 10 step checklist guide that can be used as a handbook for all your staff.

Pitch doctoring – Having run and managed hundreds of pitches, we can work with you on a pitch by pitch basis. This includes: a review of client briefs with feedback on what we believe the client is really looking for; we can engage with a client on your behalf to ascertain deeper information; review all drafts of creds/RFI/RFP/leave behind docs; advise on chemistry meeting strategies and pitch themes; pitch rehearsals - be the client and constructively critique and help improve the story, team chemistry and that all of the brief requirements have been answered.

Lead Generation – Although we don't offer lead generation, we work with a number of strategic partners. We will make introductions, depending on your requirements, allowing you to choose who is the best fit for your culture and budgets. We will also work closely with you and the lead generation agency to ensure the full B2B ecosystem is being supported and they are getting the support they require to be effective.

Training - We have decades of experience to impart to you and your team. Whether it's having your whole agency do a pitch training day, it's one on one presentation training, team sales training etc we can build a training solution that suits your requirements.

Internal Comms - Often as part of helping you create a new business culture, and the 360° interviews we do, we consult on a wide range of internal issues regarding structure and interpersonal relationships.  Ultimately, the aim here is to create a culture where all employees understand and believe in the vision of the organisation and are contributing to it's success.