Being a New Business person

We love being new business and marketing people.  It's a role that often doesn't get enough appreciation or enough respect as its own discipline.  We know the determination, hard work and skill that goes into winning new business.  This is a page to celebrate new business people and start building a community and central resource to meet, learn and stand up for our discipline.

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The Future of Agency Sales

As part of London Tech Week, Pipedrive hosted a “Sales in the Digital Age” session dedicated to exploring the challenge of how sales tech can help to ease the pressure on salespeople. Adam Graham, one of our Co-Founders was invited to speak and here are his key tips and outtakes.

When I grow up I want to be a New Business Director...

Our industry needs to realise that new business, when done correctly, should be respected as its own discipline and that the people who work it in deserve the appreciation they strive for.  Agencies need to stop treating new business directors like glorified personal assistants or project managers and empower them to grow the agency.  Maybe then it will be seen as an exciting career opportunity as opposed to the ugly duckling.



The UK’s 100 most influential business developers, The BD100 recognises the talent – in-house and consultant, managers and foot soldiers – leading the charge in marketing agency new business and business development.

Our annual BD100 List ranks the UK’s top 100 business developers – it’s a showcase of the brightest talent driving client-agency relationships in UK marketing today. We shine a light on the skills, the pitches, the wisdom and the techniques of the best in the business – of business development.

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We decided to create a chat group of agency new business professionals where you can share all your trials and tribulations of working in the role.

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