New Business... where to start!!?

When thinking about how to tackle your approach to new business, you must first ensure you have the right resource in terms of skillset and experience to meet your objectives.  We find, this is the area agencies struggle with most and often new business people can be their own worst enemies!  They can talk a good game (because they’re sales people), but are they any good? Are they the right cultural fit? Do you trust them?  It’s a headache!

To help you, we’ve created a guide to the options you have to build a fully fledged new business programme.  The right solution will differ for every business, depending on culture, budget, requirements and your current in-house skill-set.  However, the basic premise is that you need a thinker and a do-er!  Hybrids are rare but if you find one, snatch them up.  (Obviously, we've included ourselves as there's clearly no better option!) Happy hunting…


Join our agency growth community

We think Slack is a great way to connect with other agency owners and specialist new business people to share, learn and grow together.  We will be adding additional features and sub-groups over the next year to help you connect to people who share similar challenges or goals to yourself.  Join us.

Some easy steps you can take to prospecting

How you need to approach prospecting and going after the targets you want to attract.  Like a boxer, you need to find your opening, wait for the right time, see the gap and strike.  Here are some simple steps that can implement straight away...

looking to appoint a lead generation agency?

It's amazing the amount of people we speak to, that when we tell them we offer new business growth to agencies, they instantly assume we’re talking about lead generation or cold calling.  The reality is, there is too much emphasis put onto lead generation/cold calling/outbound prospecting, when it should only be a part of your new business strategy. Lead generation should be the endgame - not the beginning.  If your brand positioning is sorted and your inbound strategy optimised, then there are quite a few companies out there who could provide you that extra push.