Over the years we've gained some invaluable new business experience, so what we have done is take 15 years of brain power and condensed it into four fuzztingling sessions that will have your head spinning, heart racing and your ambition itching.  Get involved now to kick start your agency growth...


New Business Strategy Masterclass

4 hours

Know you’ve got the best agency out there but don’t know how to get the message actually ‘out there’?  Well look no further…

Our Kiwi Gray new business bods will provide you with guidance, structure and practical advice on how to achieve agency growth by building a comprehensive new business strategy that warms hearts and fills pipelines. This masterclass aims to teach you how to move from chase to attract and win better quality and more suited clients.  We'll talk you through tactics to improve inbound, outbound, referrals, organic growth and pitch conversion.

Templates, tools and best practice documents will be provided to help you start making practical changes immediately.

For agency owners or high-level business development people who want to grow their agency and require a robust strategy to do so

NB This is free for Kiwi Black members


Pitching to win


So you're getting the opportunities through but for some reason they're not closing!  Or maybe you've started to widen the net or move out of your comfort zone and your success rate has taken a hit...

We'll guide you on how to improve your conversion rate on the opportunities coming through and hone your approach so you're winning before you even walk in the room.  We'll look at:

  • Qualifying opportunities
  • Challenging pitch processes
  • How to win hearts and minds (not just the solution)
  • Project management and roles
  • Credentials
  • Tissue/chemistry sessions
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation and close

For agency owners, high-level business development people or Directors who are involved in pitching.

Introduction to New Business


Many a time have we seen agency account stars move into the exciting role of new business with little knowledge of what the job actually is! 

Our Introduction to New Business course covers all aspects of what it takes to be a great new business manager.   We’ll cover the following:

  • Landscape, positioning and SWOT
  • New business and marketing skills
  • Setting objectives
  • Sales positioning
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing tactics and content
  • Tools
  • Intermediaries
  • RFIs / Tenders / Pitching

This session is designed for junior-mid level new business / account managers or for anyone who really wants to understand what goes into new business and how to make the most of their agency’s new business function.


Sales and Prospecting


Got a great agency but don’t have the skills to get out there and tell people about it?  Or is your sales approach a bit haphazard?

We believe that sales skills are the backbone of any new business and marketing strategy, and we know because we’ve all been there!  Our sales and prospecting session is designed to take the fear out of outbound so your team can feel empowered to take their own destiny (and that of your agency) into their hands.  We cover the following:

  • Spotting Opportunities
  • Communication strategies
  • Developing pipeline
  • Outbound approaches
  • Agency marketing
  • Nurturing a pipeline
  • CRM and Databases
  • Creating collateral
  • KPIs - how to set them and how to meet them

This session has been created for any level to develop sales skills that will open doors and deliver results from a standing start.


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