What does Kiwi Gray do?

We believe agencies need to start acting like the brands they advise. When it comes to marketing your agency and driving new business we get that there are some areas you are brilliant at and areas where you might require some help. We also understand that you all have different levels of resources and budgets. It’s why Kiwi Gray's solutions are flexible and will be tailored to make the most of your strengths and support the areas you’re weak in.

We’ll chat to you about how much support you require in which areas and then provide a bespoke solution that’s right for your agency. We’ve tried to make it easy for you. Over the years we’ve recognised that there are three main areas of aggravation around new business and have packaged these areas up into products and tool kits that will help you get off and running.

Our process: 3 phases covering six weeks

Develop an authentic and differentiating brand proposition around your ‘why’, that enables you to tell your story to your employees, clients, prospects, journalists, intermediaries and recommenders.

Create a comprehensive new business and marketing strategy based on making the most of the entire B2B marketing ecosystem to build brand reputation and drive the new business pipeline.

We will help execute the strategy depending on budgets and resources.  This will involve briefing your in-house teams and lead generation/PR agencies as well as finalising an annual content calendar.  Ongoing we’ll work hard to optimise your conversion rates.

To assist you with the execution of your strategy, we have developed a new business toolkit including a number of bespoke tools we have created and used throughout our careers.  This will streamline your whole new business process.

Our Packages


PACKAGE 1. Crafting your unique story   

The reason so many agencies fail to differentiate themselves is that they focus their story on what they do and how they do it (boring), rather than why they exist.

We believe the best way to get your agency noticed is to craft a brand story that has heart, one based on your ‘why’. A story that will make prospective brands and the industry sit up and take notice. We dig deep to extract your purpose in order to craft a future-proofed, standout proposition, differentiated tone of voice and matching behaviours that will ensure your agency becomes known for what you believe in, not just what you do.

This is where we find out how brave you are.

PACKAGE 2. Building your new business pipeline

You’ve got your story, now what? There’s an art and science to building a pipeline of quality opportunities. We’ll build you a strong brand reputation through consistent messaging and ensure your story is heard by clients that believe what you believe (that’s the art) and that a highly targeted prospecting strategy (that’s the science) is activated.

Agency marketing and new business often lacks cohesion and can be reactive rather than proactive or simply unfocused. We’ll build you a cohesive strategy, making the most of your marketing ecosystem, while focusing your prospecting towards those more likely to convert. Your commercial objectives will be the driver; your marketing will become more effective and your budgets and resources more efficient.

PACKAGE 3. Improving your conversion rates     

Perhaps you have brands knocking on your door, but for some reason you’re failing to convert? Or maybe you just need some ongoing support and execution to help you execute your new business strategy.

No matter the challenge you have around conversion, we can help. We’ve got over 20 years combined experience in running and winning agency pitches and we know how to quickly find out where you’re going wrong and how to fix it.

We also offer a Pic 'n' Mix solution to ongoing new business support to offer you the skills you need to fill the gaps, whether it be content writing, website consultancy, training or processes.  Take a look at our support page for more details.

“What Kiwi Gray does is smart, it is well refined, in fact I’d go so far as to say its art. I remember the moment, time and place I got the email that contained the output from our sessions - the Teach A Brand To Fish proposition. I opened the file, read the first page and literally wept. Finally I was able to communicate everything that was in my heart and head about the vision for my business, a culmination of twenty years of things running around in my head. Now the gag has lifted, the clouds have parted and our future is bright.”
— Shannon Eastman, Founder, Teach A Brand To Fish