Why does Kiwi Gray exist?

Have you ever really looked at what agencies say about themselves? So many of them think they’ve got a story but they fail to differentiate themselves because they talk about what they do, instead of why they do it.  They don't act like a brand.

They all sound the same i.e. “full service”, “integrated”, “digital” etc. We believe that if founders were to dig deep into why they built their business in the first place and be a little braver, they’d find a compelling story that resonates more with clients than the ‘blah, blah, blah’ we often see communicated. The what and how are still important, and of course these rational factors will influence decision making but it's not the fundamental reason clients buy agencies and it's not differentiating. When you're down to the last two on a pitch, it will be the emotional factors that enable a marketing director to make that gut decision on who to appoint.  To win the emotional battle, you must first be able to articulate your "why".

We want to help agencies recognise themselves as brands and start telling the right stories i.e. their purpose, beliefs and vision.

In doing so, we will support our clients to grow and succeed commercially. We do that by challenging the way they do new business, encouraging them to be braver and more honest. It’s what gets us out of bed every day.

In turn, our vision is to bring more integrity and pride to our industry.

Kiwi Gray exists to ensure agencies #bringonthebrave


If you haven't guessed by now, we're big Simon Sinek fans and if you don't know who we're talking about, please watch this (it will change your life):